Monday, 23 November 2015

Foreigners Identification Number (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero – NIE)

application for this card will be necessary for us, if we want to find legal employment in Spain. The fees are very small, from 5 to 7 euro, the fee changes almost every year and the students can get discount. The institution we need to go to get N.I.E. is Oficina de extranjería, adresses of which we can find on the website, and if we does not know spanish, it is easier to just put in the browser "Oficina de extranjería (name of the city)" We need to take with us filled application form (we can find it on the internet or at the police station), our ID card/passport + its copy, confirmation of payment (very easy to get, you just go to any bank, says that want to pay for N.I.E. and after the transaction you will be printed the confirmation of payment).
Then we wait a few daysa and return to the office to receive our N.I.E.

So why it is so important to have this number? Except of legal employment, we also are recieving the same benefits as the citizens of Spain, in the areas of work conditions, minimum wage, payment conditions, insurance etc. The only restrictions in this are connected with working in public institutions.

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