Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Alicante cleaning solution

The  municipal groups PSOE, Guanyar, Compromís Popular Party and citizens together with the mayor, Gabriel Echavarri, and the Councillor for Environment , have been informed this morning about the Intensive Cleaning Plan of the City of Alicante by the representatives of the three companies that make up the joint venture of the cleaning contract: Civic, FCC and Ferrovial The political parties have agreed to the proposal. The plan will last for 2 months and  includes  the temporary employment of thirty workers and will begin by the end of October. The cost will be covered by the companies and not through the taxpayers bill. This messure comes after widespread complaints from citizens after the cut imposed by the former mayor Sonia Castedo.

The hole city of Alicante on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain will have an intensive cleaning treatment.

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