Friday, 23 October 2015

Pederast arrested in Alicante province

The pederast arrested in Alicante coerced by making contract with children.

What do you want in exchange for kisses? The child wrote in his own hand a video console.
The National Police that was in charge of arresting a man of 54 years for abusing more than 20 children paraphrased one of the contracts the pederast made with a child found at the adress of the 54 year old male.
This arrest was made in Alcoy in the Alicante province on the Costa Blanca coast in Spain. The arrest was made on the 7th of October and at last ending more than 15 years of abuse of victims. The report of one of the victims just a few days before the pederast was going to celebrate a birthday inviting a dozen of children.

The police have arrested more than five hundred people for pedophilia using internet since 2001 by increasing the police force pursuing this kind of crimes.

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